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About The Album

Q.E.D. is “at the forefront of contemporary blues” — recorded in 5 different studios (4 in Seattle) and one in NYC, mixed in Seattle and mastered in New York by Sterling Sound. Q.E.D. includes some of the finest blues and rock musicians in the region. Released September 10, 2013.

Q.E.D. Reviews

“Q.E.D. is a devastating combination of hard-hitting, incisive original material, passionate, expressive vocals and virtuosic guitar playing that will have jaws dropping, Jim Allchin rightly claims his place in the forefront of contemporary blues musicians.” 
– Dave Rubin, KBA Winner in Journalism, July 2013

“Q.E.D. is a guitar player’s dream.”
– Graham Clarke, Blues Bytes, August 2013

“Over the years I have stated that blues has two major schools of thought or of playing…there is the technical school where music is played with technical perfection, the second school has more to do with emotional content, playing directly from the heart. Allchin is one of those performers who are equally adept at either style and his latest release proves that point extremely well. He has spent years in the woodshed, honing his skills. The result is nothing short of amazing. He has undoubtedly secured a spot for himself among the world’s greatest guitarists. He burns up the fret board with lightning fast leads but can do equally well at heating up the night with passionate solos played straight from the heart and with such a burning emotional power that they leave the listener changed long-term. This is a tight band that knows what it means to play as a single unit. This is where we find true power. A band can only be as good as its weakest link and in this case trying to find a weakness would be a real waste of time and energy, so just kick back, relax and enjoy contemporary blues at its finest. This is music that has a timeless quality. It will remain strong over the years. During my years in an independent record store, I realized that there were some albums that never got old. Jim Allchin reached deep into wells of personal experience and used those experiences to help create an object of incredible beauty. Q.E.D. is superb on so many levels. Many artists master one or two of those levels but Allchin is a phenomenal guitarist, singer, songwriter band leader, overall performer and more. To find an artist who excels in so many areas is rare indeed. This is an inspirational album. You will be inspired to either hit the woodshed yourself to hone your own skills or to throw your gear from the nearest bridge. I highly recommend the first alternative and am certain that Jim would suggest the same. Here are those who would say the man is gifted but it should be pointed out that a gift without the working out of the details is simply a gift. There are many gifted artists in the world but there are a very few who reach this level.”
– Bill Wilson, Reflections in Blue, August 2013

“Allchin fluently moves from subtle string work to blistering attack.”
– Brett Fleming, WEVL, August 2013

“Allchin has proven he belongs in the hierarchy of contemporary blues guitarists.”
– Don & Sheryl Crow’s Blues Blog, August 2013

“Flawless screaming guitar riffs.”
– Bman’s Blues Report, August 2013

“If you missed Jim Allchin’s 2011 CD “Overclocked,” please DON’T miss his new one “Q.E.D.” Jim Allchin can absolutely blister a guitar. I’m telling you, there’s not many people who would want to follow this guy at a show. An absolute headliner, guitar slinger, beautiful tone, unreal skills, and he can play anything. This new “Q.E.D.” CD is outrageous with 13 original tunes, none of which you can probably play. Jim plays screaming electric blues, slow ballads, boogies, instrumentals, an acoustic piece, a couple of minor keyed songs, and leaves you shaking your head on every one of them. This guy is a phenomenal talent! Jim has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford. He got tired of it and wanted to play blues. Say what? Did he ever! “Q.E.D.” is a phrase used in math when you need to end a proof. Well the proof is here. He can play.”
– Blue Barry, Smoky Mtn. Blues Society Review, August 2013

“Allchin is a former Microsoft executive who retired in 2007 and became a blues guitarist. Actually, that’s not true because Allchin actually took up guitar as a youngster and dropped out of college to play in several bands before returning to get a Computer Science degree in the early 70’s, so he’s actually returned to his roots by picking the guitar back up. Since his retirement, he’s released three albums, with Q.E.D. being the most recent. If you’re a guitar player, you should want this disc. It’s loaded to the brim with energetic performances. Allchin can pretty much play it all, and does….moving from blues/rock to jazz to Texas shuffles to acoustic country blues. He reminds me a bit of Robben Ford with his vocals and his amazing dexterity on the six-string. Microsoft’s loss is the blues world’s gain. This one is a keeper.”
– Fridaybluesfix, October 2013


Drums/Percussion: Ben Smith
Bass: Dan Dean
Keys: Brooke Lizotte
Horns: New York Brass
Background Vocals: Martin Ross; Mycle Wastman; Keely Whitney
Strings: Owen Gurry
Guitars: Jim Allchin, solo/rhythm
Lead Vocals: Jim Allchin; Mycle Wastman on Trust Me; Jim Allchin w/Keely Whitney on Gettin Old


Produced by: Jim Allchin and Ben Smith for Sandy Key Music
Recorded at: Studio X, Rogue Island Studios, The Church, and Studio 3038 in Seattle
Mixed by: Eric Oz at Studio 3038
Engineers: Reed Ruddy, Andrew Ching, Andy Park, Gary Lodge, Eric Janko
Mastered by: Jay Franco, Sterling Sound, New York



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About The Album

Overclocked, released in 2011, contains 13 new blues shuffles and boogies, R&B, jazz blues, and rock blues songs.  It was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Seattle.  Brass was done in both Seattle and New York.

Overclocked Reviews

“Overclocked is an ambitious, perfectly crafted 13-song set of original blistering blues, sophisticated jazz, heavy rock and tender pop ballads spotlighting his virtuoso guitar chops, creative lyrics and mellifluous vocals. … He almost smokes the strings off his guitar in a shocking display of electric fretboard mayhem.”
– Dave Rubin, 2005 KBA Winner in Journalism, September 2011

“I remember the first time I heard Stevie Ray Vaughan. All I could think was, man, that’s some guitar! The first time I heard Jim Allchin, ditto. Maybe he isn’t Stevie Ray Vaughan, but he’s Jim Allchin all over the freakin’ place and I figure if you have a love for the rockin’ side of R&B and rock ‘n’ roll, you’ll feel the same. Allchin can play! I know you’ve heard it before, but he’s a step beyond. I swear. You love jammin’ guitar, you have gotto hear this guy. Great thing is, he isn’t all guitar. Allchin surrounds himself with one of the best bands I’ve heard in some time, from background singers to horn section to some of the best blues players I’ve had the pleasure of hearing, and makes it work!”
– Rock and Reprise, October 2011

“Jim Allchin’s “Overclocked” is an amazing record, probably one of the best, if not the best, I’ve heard so far this year, maybe even the goddamned decade!”
– From Under the Basement (Rod Ames), October 2011

“Jaw-droppingly impressive. … Allchin’s guitar work is just incredible and his vocals are smooth. … Blues fans and guitar geeks will want to get their hands on this disc immediately.”
– Blues Bytes, October 2011

“Jim Allchin’s “Overclocked” is a masterpiece. The lyrics are strong, but Allchin plays his guitar with incredible intensity. One of the best albums of the year.”
-John Shelton Ivany, Top 21, October 2011

“Warning! Do not listen to this CD while operating a motor vehicle. If you’re not dropping your pedal to the metal during the high-speed title track you’ll be engrossed in the carefully-crafted musical statements that his guitar is conveying throughout the album instead of paying attention to your driving. This is a standout CD. Jim Allchin is a skilled guitarist who obviously enjoys exploring the full range of his instrument.The tracks vary in style from shredding to a big-band sound backed by well-modulated horns, alternating with slow blues. He and his backup musicians are top-notch.”
– San Diego Blues Review, October 2011

“Just received the new release by Jim Allchin called “Overclocked”. While I am listening to this cd I go to Jim’s site to check out who he is…. this guy is unbelievable.”
– Bman’s Blues Report, September 2011

“Allchin is a great axeman, with a voice not unlike Steve Miller. He has the goods all round. Good stuff, big fat gutsy Brass, Top Axe Work, and bloody good vox.”
– Tecka’s Blues Show, October, 2011

“Overclocked” is a computer term for deliberately modifying a computer to run faster. It will enhance its performance, but, alternately, may cause a possible meltdown. It’s also the title of Jim Allchin’s latest CD, and it’s a darn good word to describe his incendiary, melt-the-frets style of blazing guitar.”
– Nashville Blues Review, September 2011

‘With octane to spare that could drive down gas prices, Allchin delivers. Well done.’
– Midwest Record Review, September 2011

“As far as guitarists are concerned it has been a long time since I have heard anyone better. If I had to describe his playing in a word, that word would be class. ‘Nuff said!”
– Billtown Blues Notes, Bill Wilson, October 2011

“No wonder they entitled this CD “Overclocked.” The high octane fretboard excursions of Jim Allchin are pushing the tachometer of his Stratocaster into the red and beyond. The CD’s all original tunes provide a satisfying backdrop to his powerfully potent rhythmic and lead chops. (We couldn’t help but think that if Eddie Van Halen had played the Blues he would’ve sounded like Jim Allchin.) But we can also discern Albert King on the slow blues, “One for the Money.” … There’s a bit of everything here. From monster Blues guitar with massive tones to the purity and openness of a clean sounding Stratocaster in the hands of a master.”
– Barrelhouse Blues Review, September 2011

“The thirteen song set written by Jim is a guitar tone extravaganza of rock, blues and soul. Recorded in Seattle with some of the area’s finest musicians including two legendary drummers, Chris Leighton and Ben Smith, talented keyboardist Ty Baillie, Garey Shelton on bass and horns sections from Seattle and New York! … Every track features Allchin’s fiery fret board antics and obviously obsessive attention to tone. … The Texas style “Don’t tell Me What to Do,” has him simultaneously channeling Stevie Ray and Joe Satriani. While the smooth jazz ballads “Fall,” and Opening My Eyes to Love,” have hints of Larry Carlton mixed with Santana. Allchin certainly covers a lot of ground on this album.”
– Seattle Examiner, September 2011

“Jim Allchin is an amazing guitar player. … Pick it up for the extraordinary guitar work, but appreciate it for the vocals, accompanying instruments and composing.”
– Blue Monday Monthly, November 2011

“‘Overclocked,’ is the opening cut and it just cooks. His guitar work is fabulous. I mean all the licks, scales, chops, skills, he’s got the tools, and tastefully applies them to his new trade. … There are lots of good cuts on here. … Jim can play fast, slow, jazz, ballads, blues, slide, he is something else. The closing cut “Opening My Eyes to Love,” is another favorite. It’s great to hear these new guys out there tearing it up and with feeling, and with class. … Jim knocked me out.”
– Smoky Mountain Blues Society Review, November 2011

“Now let’s get this straight Jim was a computer nerd, so how did he learn those chops and great singing voice. For here is a real bonafide Blues man, not cast in the expected mould but one who knows how to get the very best out of what he has and trust me Jim Allchin has it all in spades. … This is a seriously good album packed with surprise after surprise that l will let you discover, but to not do so amounts to a major musical mistake in your life. We rate this album very high and look forward to hearing a whole lot more of Jim Allchin.”
– Peter Merrett,, November 2011

“What a great surprise was Jim Allchin´s release! Is by far one of the best CD’s I’ve heard this year! Jim´s music reflects sophistication and good taste! I really recommend to buy ‘Overclocked’.”
– Gustavo Rozenberg, Good Time Blues, November 2011

“To sum up then, Jim has supplied us with a fine album of carefully crafted, original, blues-based material that presents a distinctive individual with a modern outlook. Worth checking out.”
– Blues in Britain review, Norman Darwen, November 2011

“The performance of this extraordinarily talented guitarist is highly emotionally charged. He doesn’t want to show off his skill but enchant with his instrument and his music. Overclocked is a mature, balanced and thoughtfully orchestrated album that is easy to like because of its tunes filled with great atmosphere and feeling and because of its guitar solos that feature a unique mixture of techniques.”
– Hungary Blues Van review, December 2011

“Jim has created a marvellous blues album that embraces both the old and the new without losing sight of what the blues stand for. Highly recommended!”
– Brian Harman, Blues in the South, England, December 2011

“Jim Allchin is a brilliant technologist and talented new artist.”
– Ed Martinez, mytekLife

“I’m talking you walk into a bar, hear this cat playing and get blown away.”
– dj at kdhx in st louis


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